Japan Anthropology Workshop

Home of the JAWS conference members and committee.


Everyone who identifies with the aims and objectives of JAWS is welcomed as a member. Membership in JAWS offers an opportunity to connect with anthropologists working on a wide range of topics related to the anthropology and ethnography of Japan. Benefits of membership include the JAWS Newsletter (electronically posted at this website), membership to a mailing list (listserv), access to the JAWS grants and participation at JAWS conferences that meet roughly every 18 months. Membership also includes a 70 percent discount on all hardback books in the JAWS/Routledge series.

We have instituted a Lifetime Membership for only £25 / €30 / $40 / ¥4000.

Life Membership terminates for the following reasons:

  • when a member asks for the membership to terminate or dies.
  • if a member should use the facilities to damage the reputation of JAWS. A decision about termination of membership will be taken by the officers.


To join, or to update an existing membership, please follow the instructions below. Please make sure that we have your updated e-mail address.


  1. Please click on the Membership Form, then fill it out and submit it by email to the JAWS Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Ruth Martin at JAWStreasurer[at]gmail.com
    This will ensure that she can add you to the membership list. Ruth will be able to advise you on how to pay your membership fee.

  2. To ensure that you receive e-mails through the JAWS mailing list, please send an e-mail to:
    sympa@utlists.utexas.eduIn the subject line, please put the command SUBSCRIBE JAWS. (Please note that you are not automatically added to the list if you pay the membership fee).If you have any questions, please contact the list manager, John Traphagan, with your updated address.


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