”He’s a sengyōshufu” – female fieldworker’s reflections on gendered disaster recovery By Pilvi Posio

This piece is the fourth part in the JAWS online series of Reflections from Tōhoku   “And what does your husband do while you’re doing the research?” “He’s a full-time house-husband (sengyōshufu, pronunciation the same as full-time housewife)”   For my research into long-term community reconstruction after the 3.11 during my PhD, I conducted field … Read more

Between debris and memorial: The meaning of disaster-affected objects for local residents in the recovery process of the Great East Japan Earthquake by Julia Gerster, Kohei Takahara, Yuki Sadaike, Akiko Okubori

This piece is the second part in the JAWS online series of Reflections from Tōhoku   How do local residents think about ten years of ongoing reconstruction and recovery in their hometowns? How do they connect to memories of life before the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, commonly known as “3.11”, … Read more

Washed away: A change of the image of sacred territory after 3.11. The case of Shōtokuji’s Nagare-Jizō by Aliise Donnere

This piece is the first part of the JAWS online series of Reflections from Tōhoku   Many temples and sanctuaries in Tōhoku region were damaged or completely destroyed during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. After rebuilding the temples, many priests had to decide if they wanted something in the temple’s territory that would remind … Read more

JAWS online series of Reflection on Tōhoku

    Ten Years of Tōhoku’s ‘post-disaster’   There were over 400 environmental disturbances in 2020 that led to loss of human life, habitat or infrastructure, with the majority of these events taking place in the Asia Pacific region (Statista 2021). This is nearly a hundred more environmental events compared to two decades ago, with … Read more

JAWS online series of reflections on Tōhoku

Ten years ago, the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster was dominating news cycles around the world, with desperate imagery of chaos and uncertainty capturing our attention. The disaster sent shockwaves across the nation and beyond, igniting a host of public debates about the future of Japan while bringing new insights to long-standing … Read more