Go-aisatsu from the Secretary General 2022

It is a great honor for me to greet you as incoming Secretary General of JAWS. Let me begin by once again thanking the outgoing SG, Brigitte Steger for her wonderful work over a long and productive period. I certainly hope that I can learn from Brigitte, in the confidence that following in your wise … Read more

Go-aisatsu from the Secretary General 2021

The past few weeks have certainly been dramatic. In an unprecedented way, all of us have been forced into lockdown and have become hikikomori due to a microscopic virus that challenges the world. I hope that you and your loved ones are all well and are not finding it too difficult to adjust to social … Read more

Go-aisatsu from the Secretary General 2019

Recently, the Japanese government announced a new era name. When Crown Prince Naruhito will succeed to the Chrysanthemum throne on 30 April 2019, years will be counted as Reiwa, a period of ‘order and peace’. The Abe government seems to be hopeful that after a period of economic troubles, disasters and societal changes, the country … Read more