The JAWS Newsletter publishes records of JAWS conferences, publications, and business, together with updates to the register of members and other JAWS news. It also carries other reports and announcements of interest to JAWS members, including research reports and notes by JAWS members, book reviews, position pieces, and commentary.

Recent issues have carried features on special themes such as access to the research site, research ethics, making your PhD into a book, and getting articles and books published. Submissions are always welcome. Articles are published on the website first and then published as an annual newsletter. The editors and submission guidelines are:

  • Jennifer M. McGuire of Doshisha University (Kyoto)
  • Christopher Tso of the University of Cambridge
  • Anna Vainio of the University of Sheffield (UK)
  • Submission guidelines: JAWS Newsletter Submission Guidelines
  • Email your submission to: jaws.editors[AT]

In prior years, the JAWS Newsletter was published in PDF form. You can download PDFs of the earlier versions of the newsletters here:

The JAWS Newsletter (ISSN Number: 1356-5621) was first published in June 1984 as a members’ communication newsletter. For most of the history of JAWS, it was edited by the JAWS Secretary (later by the Secretary General), published every eighteen months. Initially sent by post to all members, from 2010 onwards it has gone electronic, being available in PDF format from the website. Between 2010 and 2017 Andrea De Antoni, Emma Cook and Blai Guarné served as editors. At the 2017 and 2019 meetings it was decided to change the newsletter into a website-based publication and create a more dynamic website.