Conference Istanbul 2015 – Report William H. KELLY

William H. KELLY william.kelly[@] University of Oxford The leafy and cat-strewn campus of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul was the venue for the 26thJAWS Conference, the main theme of which was ‘Technology and Nature’. Panels, organized in parallel sessions over three days, explored such topics as robotic technologies in elderly care; issues related to medical technologies … Read more

Conference Istanbul 2015 – Report Sonja GANSEFORTH

Sonja GANSEFORTH ganseforth[@] Leipzig University The opening reception of the 2015 JAWS conference in Istanbul highlighted the beautiful location of the hosting institution, Boğaziçi University, which hadan abundance of plants and dozy cats (that would later even take over the speaker’s desk on occasion) and an astonishing view over the Bosphorus. This first event set the … Read more

Conference Istanbul 2015 – Report Michael FACIUS

Michael FACIUSmichael.facius[@]fu-berlin.deFreie Universität Berlin As someone who has mainly been working on the history of Chinese knowledge in late Edo and Meiji Japan over the last few years, I am very grateful to the conveners of an anthropological conference on technology and nature in contemporary Japan for accepting my amateurish paper proposal on Japanese Augmented … Read more

Conference Istanbul 2015 – Report Susanne AUERBACH

Susanne AUERBACH susanne.auerbach[@] Freie Universität Berlin From the 1st to 4th September the 26th Conference of the Japan Anthropology Workshop (JAWS) took place at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Convened by Cosima Wagner and Cornelia Reiher from the Freie Universität Berlin and organised by Selcuk Esenbel and Erdal Küçükylaçı from Boğaziçi University, the conference gathered … Read more

Conference Ljubljana 2014 – Section 5b: Media Studies – Report Griseldis KIRSCH&Blai GUARNÉ

Griseldis KIRSCHSOAS, University of LondonBlai GUARNÉUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona This was the first time that a section on Japanese media studies has been convened at an EAJS conference. For that reason, we had an open call for papers and welcomed scholars of all levels working on any aspect of Japanese media. As convenors we were … Read more

Conference Ljubljana 2014 – Section 5a: Anthropology and Sociology – Report Barbara HOLTHUS & Wolfram MANZENREITER

Barbara HOLTHUS & Wolfram MANZENREITERThe University of Vienna From August 28 to 30, 2014, the Anthropology & Sociology section (Section 5A) convened at the 14th conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies. The conference was held at the Department of Asian and African Studies in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Two of the three … Read more

Conference Ljubljana 2014 – Section 5b: Anthropology and Sociology – Report Jens SEJRUP

Jens SEJRUPJens.Sejrup[@] Universtity The Ljubljana conference was the first time a separate section on Media Studies was organized at an EAJS conference, so in many ways this section was exploratory and groundbreaking. I think it very convincingly managed to carve out a position for Media Studies as a separate EAJS section: it was quite clear … Read more

Conference Ljubljana 2014 – Section 5a: Anthropology and Sociology – Report Aline HENNINGER

Aline HENNINGER aline.henninger[@] INALCO University The EAJS anthropology section 2014 took place at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) from the 28thto 31stJuly, organized by Barbara Holthus and Wolfram Manzenreiter. Yukiko Uchida (University of Kyoto, Japan) joined the workshop as keynote speaker and significantly contributed to the event with her speech on the concept of the good life … Read more