Changes at ‘Asian Anthropology’

This is to announce that the journal Asian Anthropology will shortly be changing editors and publishers. Asian Anthropology has been published by Chinese University Press for the last eleven years, but is now moving to Routledge, and will be published twice a year in 2013, three times a year in 2014, and four times a year beginning 2015. The journal will no longer be linked only to Chinese University: the new chief editors are Gordon Mathews (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Liu Shao-hua (Academia Sinica), Nawa Katsuo (Tokyo University), and Sidney Cheung (Chinese University of Hong Kong). We are excited about having a truly pan-East-Asian journal now! The last issue of Asian Anthropology with CUHK Press will come out next week, and I will then announce its contents on this list, but I wanted to get this message out to you all first.

We thought long and hard about going open access with Asian Anthropology, especially in light of the debate that took place on EASIANTH several months ago. We decided not to in the end, just because actually running the journal would take great effort if there was no institutional or financial support, and also because we would run the risk of vanishing in cyberspace unnoticed. Routledge is working diligently to boost the publicity for and visibility of Asian Anthropology, to make it one of the foremost journals in the field, and is offering thorough production help, something we much need. At the end of our five-year contract with Routledge, we will again consider our options. I realize that some may disagree with the move to a large corporate publisher–and I, frankly, have had very mixed feeling myself–but this does seem to be the best path to follow, given the circumstances of the journal. Thus far, it has been a pleasure working with Routledge, and I trust that will continue.

Our first Routledge issue will be coming out in late spring 2013; our next issue will come out in fall 2013. We are anxious to have the best possible submissions we can get. The on-line submission system will be up and running in several months. For now, if you, or any of your colleagues or advanced graduate students has a paper to be considered for publishing in this new incarnation of Asian Anthropology, we’d love to see it. We are very eager to see papers providing solid ethnography, clearly and persuasively presented, about any Asian society. Please drop a line or send a manuscript to one or all of us: Gordon Mathews [], Liu Shao-hua [], Nawa Katsuo [], and Sidney Cheung []. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,