Recent releases in the JAWS Routledge series

  • Japan’s Ainu Minority in Tokyo: Diasporic Indigeneity and Urban Politics, Mark K. Watson (Feb. 2014)

  • The First European Description of Japan, 1585: A Critical English-Language Edition of Striking Contrasts in the Customs of Europe and Japan, by Luis Frois, S.J.; edited by Daniel T. Reff, Richard Danford (Feb. 2014)

  • Japanese Tree Burial: Ecology, Kinship and the Culture of Death, Sébastien Penmellen Boret (Jan. 2014)

  • Religion and Politics in Contemporary Japan: Soka Gakkai Youth and Komeito, Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen (Nov. 2013)

  • Tradition, Democracy and the Townscape of Kyoto: Claiming a Right to the Past, Christoph Brumann (Oct. 2013)

  • Ascetic Practices in Japanese Religion, Tullio Federico Lobetti (Aug. 2013)